An actual note to myself, written after learning my cancer progressed this week.

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Walk, dance and exercise as much as you can.
For you, movement is life.
So is writing, creating and cultivating both
community and magic.

The day will come that your lover must carry you —
your body small, encased in one of your sweaters,
like the wings of the owl-woman you imagined saving you
all those years ago when you actually saved yourself.

But one of those memories is a long time gone,
and the other a long time to come. …

A daily gratitude poem about practical magic & how I live my neuro-diverse life

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Today, I am grateful for my bare feet
on the wooden floors of the condo,
where my landlord takes my rent a little late,
and I write incantations on slips of paper burning,
down to ash as I call in
the consistent gigs with higher pay,
and my tax refund,
and my stimulus money.

This is the way it works to perform practical magic.

Essential items are my tiny cast iron cauldron,
butane lighters infused with meaning,
and candles, oils, and incense to make the air smell just right,
at once masking and marrying the scent of the charred paper
that speaks of…

Read on for a copy of my letter to my senator, and scroll down to learn what it means for all of us.

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First of all, congratulations on your historic win! I’m addressing this message to the entire team, as I realize Senator Ossoff’s victory is the result of a group effort. I placed my vote in the run-off right after having a CT scan at Grady Memorial Hospital. That scan led to a liver biopsy, and, the day I learned for certain that I have stage IV cancer, I walked hurriedly past Senator Ossoff as he stood outside Grady giving a press conference about the COVID vaccine. I was proudly wearing a mask adorned with my “GA Voter” sticker.

Anyway, I’m…

When applied directly to relationships between healthy, balanced individuals, this is true. When applied to relationships within which there is the real possibility of violence, I don't think it's safe or prudent to be forthcoming at all times. I do think it's necessary to leave that kind of relationship, but the process for doing so is usually much more nuanced than our culture portrays it to be. Similarly, when the idea of "don't be a people pleaser; be your true self" is applied to a more broad definition of relationships, it puts the brunt of the burden on the "people-pleasers"…

Five years later, I’m still making sense of what this taught me.

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Almost every time I’ve consumed psychedelic mushrooms, I’ve formed a core memory. However, there’s one that stands out more than most. I will spare you the details of the day, but I will tell you that I was attending a spiritual event — a small-scale retreat, of sorts. It was intended for women, and it was happening in November 2016, right after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in their bid for the US presidency.

An Unexpected Trip

The main events of the day were done, but I’d chosen to stay the night. I had good company — one woman I’d known during late…

I wish I could highlight this one 3 times! I'm publishing the comment to my profile for greater visibility. This is something I think everyone (especially self-employed single mothers) needs to see.

Yes. This was the most important thing I've read in some time. I'm publishing this comment to my profile for increased visibility of the original work.

Black-owned cannabis publications, expert insight, a book review, personal experiences, and the road ahead

The author attending in Dope merch from Traveling Veg Canna Writer. Photo courtesy of the author.

I recently had the pleasure of joining a group of cannabis enthusiasts in creating forward-thinking content for Veronica Castillo’s Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer Blog. She refers to us as her Dope Team.

We’re compensated by sponsors but nonetheless walk the line between advocating for brands and advocating for the cannabis movement itself to unfold in a good, equitable way.

A driven Black woman, Veronica navigates the COVID era on the road and within the air as she travels throughout the Americas on a quest to build community and connect with the land as she’s experiencing the mind and body-altering power…

A collection of my work from around the web

To learn more about why I write, check out this essay. Some of my writing samples (from outside the world of Canna Poet Mom) follow.

Independent Projects

Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash

Queen of Wands: A hybrid collection of essays and poems about cancer, COVID, & the painful beauty of being human

Harvest: A Poetry Chapbook

The Grey Way: Monthly(ish) Substack Newsletter

Additionally, I’m working on an as yet untitled personal project about the intersection of aging, illness, and sexual desire. . . . and . . .

I recently applied to film school as a nearly 40-year-old graduate student and am determined to master the art…

A Personal Example of How Planetary Magic Can Inspire Your Trip

Photo of the author’s planetary altar. Photo courtesy of the author.

Beginning with St. John’s Wort (SJW), I’ve been experiencing the magic of plant-based medicine for years. The SJW literally saved my life from my own hands and opened up my perspective. As a result of this psycho/spiritual shift, I experienced cannabis and mushrooms for the first time in my late 20s, followed by ayahuasca on my 34th birthday.

I’m 38 now.

Within the last year, as the world collectively faced the arrival of COVID-19, I finalized my divorce, received a serious cancer diagnosis and began the heavy process of closing one company and cultivating a freelance career. I moved with…

Kelli Lynn Grey

Neuro-diverse & chronically ill writer mom w/ big ideas. Donate: Subscribe:

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