Dear Senator Jon Ossoff, I Need Help.

Read on for a copy of my letter to my senator, and scroll down to learn what it means for all of us.

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  1. I’ve taken on virtually the entire burden of fulfilling the orders of outstanding clients from the business my ex-husband and I owned together, even though it has been administratively dissolved.
  2. I’ve watched my 63-year-old mother experience a psychotic break and rapid period of ongoing physical and cognitive decline beginning after a virus in April 2020, which might have been COVID-19.
  3. I’ve moved from Rome, GA, to Atlanta with my two neurologically divergent children, and I’ve relied on my academic background in journalism and education to pull together a freelance career as a copywriter, essayist, and poet.

What My Letter Means for All Americans

I sent a more hastily written version of my letter to Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff yesterday morning, immediately prior to heading to the hospital for my lupron injection.

  • I’m grateful for the stimulus program but frustrated by the assumption that everyone has received this benefit. As more checks are rolled out, without me having received any, my frustration is mounting!
  • Writing to our senators is good! I’m grateful to, for the first time in my life, have representatives that I think will actually listen. I’m looking forward to receiving a response, and I will update you here in the hope that it inspires my readers to actively communicate with their legislators.

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